Venture Multi Rotor

Ideal for small area applications, from crop scouting to the inspection of structures, quadcopters give users the ability to maneuver close to objects with precise control. Our systems are designed for both outdoor and indoor use. The addition of lighting systems allow the quadcopters to be operated in low light conditions.

The Venture  Outrider is an professional grade quadcopter designed for easy operation. It requires minimal operator training and can carry various payloads from GPS enabled visual still cameras to live video, NVDI cameras and thermal imagers.

The Venture Surveyor is based on the same airframe and power system as the Venture Outrider. However, the Surveyor has an upgraded autopilot system and can be equipped with acoustic and laser altimeters giving it the ability to take off and land automatically. Sensor data logged during flight can be used to improve image stitching and processing.

Venture_USA Brochure