Venture BioDrop

Venture BioDrop Mosquito Control

As the problem of mosquito borne disease persists and spreads in the northern hemisphere we believe that imaginative tools will be required to combat this menace.


The Venture Bio Drop unit is based on the proven Venture air frame and avionics with the inclusion of custom dispensers tailored to the control dry BTI  media choice of the end user.

The system can be operate autonomously to disperse  BTI media along the edge of ponds or it can be flown manually using the built in visual navigation camera which allows the operator to see the drop area in real time and trigger the release of the biological control media into the water source.

We envisage that this unit will allow mosquito control companies to access standing water that is surrounded by vegetation safely and quickly, improving their  effectiveness and reducing operational costs.

Venture BioDrop Basic Specifications

  • Fully autonomous capabilities.
  • 15 mins flight time with 500 g payload
  • 2.5 m/s climb speed
  • 25 km/h typ.cruising speed
  • 35 km/h max cruising speed

Quality European Design and Manufacture

Durabilty and reliability have been the key driver during Venture design and development. The Venture UAV family uses only top quality manufactured parts, specifically designed by Pro S3. All parts are made to tolerance in order to guarantee great modularity and easy replacement in case of damage.

Easy Transportation

Venture UAV family has been designed to optimize operation and reduce readiness time for everyday activities. Thanks to its foldable arms, once folded the UAV can be stored in a very small but rugged case.