Wave5 Unmanned Aerial Systems

Do you have an application for an unmanned aerial system? If the answer is yes, then the next question to ask is does your organization have the time, skills and budget to design, test and maintain a small sUAS system in-house? We specialize in the development of small autonomous aerial systems allowing you to focus on your application and not the skills challenge and cost associated with implementing and running a sUAS.

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sUAS can be more cost effective and adaptable compared to traditional aircraft. However, as sUAS are on the leading edge of automated technologies,  we know you may need to prove the validity of the technology before committing to full scale adoption. As such, we will work with you to determine the best technologies for your application, as well as providing test data and hands on interaction with the systems prior to purchase.

System Development

At Volt Aerial Robotics our experience has shown us that the adoption of autonomous systems is not an easy process but by selecting proven core technologies and an engineering partner experienced in design, integration and testing your UAV project can be a success.


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